AI 狂欢

据说 Elon Musk 联合一众科技界的意见领袖,要让 OpenAI 的 GPT 暂停研发半年。

让 AI 发展慢一点,我举双手赞成。我一向乐于看到科技进步,怎么这次一反常态?因为这次 AI 带来的变化太过迅速,就像一个非常急的急转弯,很多人会被甩出去。丢掉工作,或虽然工作还在,但丧失了意义感。


I am employed as a 3D artist in a small games company of 10 people. Our Art team is 2 people, we make 3D models, just to render them and get 2D sprites for the engine, which are more easy to handle than 3D. We are making mobile games.

My Job is different now since Midjourney v5 came out last week. I am not an artist anymore, nor a 3D artist. Rn all I do is prompting, photoshopping and implementing good looking pictures. The reason I went to be a 3D artist in the first place is gone. I wanted to create form In 3D space, sculpt, create. With my own creativity. With my own hands.

It came over night for me. I had no choice. And my boss also had no choice. I am now able to create, rig and animate a character thats spit out from MJ in 2-3 days. Before, it took us several weeks in 3D. The difference is: I care, he does not. For my boss its just a huge time/money saver.

I don’t want to make “art” that is the result of scraped internet content, from artists, that were not asked. However its hard to see, results are better than my work.

I am angry. My 3D colleague is completely fine with it. He promps all day, shows and gets praise. The thing is, we both were not at the same level, quality-wise. My work was always a tad better, in shape and texture, rendering… I always was very sure I wouldn’t loose my job, because I produce slightly better quality. This advantage is gone, and so is my hope for using my own creative energy to create.

Getting a job in the game industry is already hard. But leaving a company and a nice team, because AI took my job feels very dystopian. Idoubt it would be better in a different company also. I am between grief and anger. And I am sorry for using your Art, fellow artists.

类似的悲伤故事还有很多,但影响不了技术进步的车轮。AI 是一门实用价值极大的技术,能带来丰厚的回报,于是进一步研究和使用 AI 就变得无法阻拦。

但也不是 100%不可能,美国这个国家有可能为了价值观而舍弃眼前利益。举个例子,ChatGPT 在 moderation 方面特别注重。比如让 AI 写一篇责骂成绩不好的女儿毫无价值的文章,ChatGPT 并没有照做写这篇文章而是开导家长。相比之下,百度的文心一言就差得多。百度并非技术上做不到,而是在这方面意识薄弱,比如在某些受监管的话题上就极为敏感滴水不漏……只能说各有各的敏感区吧~

就算用行政命令阻止住 OpenAI,谷歌特斯拉也不会停下,就算全美都暂停了,世界其他地区不会停下,领先者的任何停歇都是追赶者的好机会。

在这个春天,每天都诞生少说几十个 AI 新项目,如雨后春笋一般。我相信这些项目不单是追风口蹭热度,因为以前做不到的一些事,有 AI 后可以做了。AI 开辟出了新的道路,大家觉得自己也能做点什么,跟着一起跳进舞池加入狂欢。

我虽然没有做产品,但一直保持关注,跟车跟的还行。舍不得花钱的我,含着泪打开钱包,用上了 GPT4 和 Midjourney,其实我没怎么用,尤其 Midjourney 我就没有使用需求。但仅是跟身边人炫耀一下,就值这个价。接下来的续费就很考验人了,GPT4 我大概率会续费,Midjourney 可能就先暂停了。

技术方面,搭了一个国内能访问的 ChatGPT 网页端,直接用开源的代码,API Key 是自己的,好几个国内的朋友在用。除此之外,看了一点 langchain 的文档,想着将来搞一个垂直领域的 ChatBot 也许用得上。调用 OpenAI 的接口,翻墙是必备技能,于是又试了下 Cloudflare 的 WARP,免费的,网速也还不错。多一条备用梯子,多一份安全感。

AI 狂欢的时代,作为一个尚有代码能力的开发者,能做的就是跟上车别掉队,把弓拉开,保持警觉,时刻准备放箭。